NVQ’s, are the UK government funded initiative to deliver national vocational training to employed individuals in the UK. Since its launch over three and a half years ago AV training who part of Andover College can provide a range of services to help meet your training needs.

Facts about NVQ’s

  • Over three quarters of employers (78%) are happy with the skills brokerage service
  • 80% of employers said they would recommend NVQ’s to other business colleagues
  • 66% believe training is contributing to improved long-term competitiveness

Training benefits your business in many ways. It boosts competitiveness, productivity and staff motivation, and reduces your recruitment costs. By taking on the hard work of identifying and organising your training, NVQ’s helps you realise the benefits for your business.
Efficient, motivated staff

Over 45% of staff says that they’d feel more motivated if their organisation invested in their skills. Training gives your employees the skills and awareness to do their jobs effectively, and the initiative and ambition to drive your business forward.
Enhanced profits

Getting the right skills in place, cuts waste and boosts profitability. A typical 50-employee company could save £165,000 every year by filling the gaps in its employees’ skills (Employers’ perspectives on improving skills for employment, National Audit Office, 2005).

Competitive businesses
Training can help keep your business competitive. Whether you’re mastering new technical developments in your sector, making the best use of IT, improving your customer service or boosting your internal efficiency, training keeps your skills up to date and makes sure you stay ahead of the competition.

Staff retention
45% of employees surveyed would feel more valued if their employer invested in their skills. By supporting your employees’ development and helping them gain valuable qualifications, you strengthen their commitment to your company. They’ll stay longer-term, cutting your recruitment costs.

Fewer unfilled positions
In 2007, 130,000 jobs remained unfilled because no suitable candidate was available. By training your existing staff you can be sure that you always have the right person for the job.

If you would like a free download of a fact sheet please download a PDF copy of your chosen sector. If you prefer contact a member of the Business Development Team who will be pleased to arrange a Free NVQ assessment, which could help boost your business by improving the skills of your individual staff members.