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Do you have aspirations to progress into Management or are you a Supervisor or Manager who wants to achieve a relevant degree? Enrolling on the Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Business Management at Andover College, could be your ideal starting point.

The Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Business Management is a long established qualification which is valued by employers throughout the UK and deemed equivalent to the first year of a Business Management degree.  Upon successful completion of the HNC, you can progress to the Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business Management in September 2011 and then the following year proceed to direct entry of the third year of a BA (Hons) in Business Management at a local University.


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Introductory Certificate in Marketing

The Introductory Certificate

This is an open access qualification and therefore no qualifications or marketing experience are required.  However, some work experience would be advantageous.

This qualification is aimed at those who are interested to find out more about marketing, whether they are in a job that involves marketing or not. It provides information about what marketing is and aims to develop knowledge and skills for people who are working to support others in basic marketing tasks.

It is anticipated that each of the units described below will equate to 30 guided learning hours.

Unit 1, What is Marketing?(1 hour online evaluation)

Unit Characteristics

This unit seeks to provide the backdrop to the importance of marketing in terms of what marketing is and how it is defined. This unit focuses on the role of marketing, its cross-functional importance and its contribution to business success. It also looks at the role of marketing as a service provider within the organisation.

The unit also provides a basic understanding of the internal and external marketing environment and the marketing mix, with consideration of how these factors differ from one sector to another.

This unit provides the foundations needed for the functional and aspirational goals of the Level 3 market, whilst giving explanation to the language and terminology of marketing.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this unit, students should be able to demonstrate a sound knowledge and understanding of marketing and its contribution to organisational success to include:
Define marketing in the context of an exchange process
Determine the importance of marketing as a cross-functional activity contributing towards business success.
Explain the importance of understanding the organisation’s marketing environment and the impact it has upon an organisation’s ability to satisfy customer needs and wants.
Identify each element of the marketing mix in the context of customer needs and achieving customer satisfaction
Apply the marketing mix to a range of different organisational sectors and contexts

Unit 2, Understanding Customer Relationships

A written project made up of a number of short work-based tasks. The success of the assessment associated with each unit will lead to the award of that unit, but students who wish to be awarded the CIM Introductory Certificate, will have to successfully complete the assessments associated with both units.

Unit Characteristics

This unit focuses on developing an understanding of internal and external customers, and considers how a knowledge and understanding of customers can assist in designing appropriate marketing activities to engage and support customers to achieve long-term customer loyalty.
The unit also provides some insight into the practicalities of developing internal and external relationships, including consideration of networking, collaboration and cooperation in order to reduce the potential for conflict.
Developing effective tactical communications and effective customer service support is essential to harmonious relationships in both B2B and B2C organisations, and as a result the unit considers the contributions that these activities can make to developing relationships for marketing and business success.
The unit explains why organisations need to know and understand their customers and how successful relationships can be developed through effective communications and strong customer service and support.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this unit, students should be able to:
Explain the importance of understanding customers, and how marketing information aids the better development of marketing activities to achieve customer satisfaction
Explain the value and importance of internal and external relationships of the organisation and the importance of networking, collaboration and co-operation in order to develop and maintain relationships
Recognise the importance of internal relationships as an aid to the marketing function establishing its cross-functional presence
Explain the different ways in which to communicate with both internal and external customers in order to develop, maintain and strengthen customer relationships
Explain the requirements for developing effective and efficient customer service and customer care in order to maintain successful relationships

Benefits for the employer:

Relevant marketing knowledge for business today
Qualifications fascilitate career progression for aspiring marketers
Greater contribution to the business process
Improves knowledge of marketing regardless of industry

Benefits for the individual:

Greater professionalism
More informed
Better compensated: Qualifications = better salaries.  On average 10% more, according to the 2007 CIM/Croner Reward Salary Survey.

Key Texts: Full reading lists will be available in due course, but the following text will be useful in preparation: Hill, L, and O’Sullivan, T (2004), Foundation marketing, 3rd edition. Harlow, Prentice Hall

How do I find out more?

Contact Steve Harrow on 01264 3263261 or (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Who will arrange for one of the course tutors to contact you, or contact the Student Advice and Guidance Centre for further information.


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