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Advanced Microsoft Word

This course is suitable for individuals who have attended the Intermediate course or who already process good working knowledge of Ms WORD. This one day course will allow you take an in-depth look at the available features in the program which will undoubtedly save you a considerable amount of time and assist you in producing highly effective and professional documents. Throughout the day you will be given the opportunity to learn more about functions such as, creating tables, newspaper columns and newsletters, using OLE to link with other applications

Intermediate Microsoft Word

This one day course is primarily suitable for individuals that have attended the Introduction course or who already posses a strong working knowledge of MsWord and would like to extend their knowledge to encompass more complex functions. You will learn throughout the day how to use functions such as heading styles, page set up/section layout using “special” find and replace features and much more. The impact of this training will enable you to return to your workplace with a more comprehensive understanding of how to exploit the capabilities of this package.

Introduction to Microsoft Word

MSWord is the most commonly used word processing program and this one day course has been designed for the complete beginner. It will provide you with a working understanding of all of the basic features of MS Word and will enable you to create a document from new. Throughout the day you will gain an understanding and use some of the built in layout and text editing functionality. This course will add to your existing knowledge of MS Word but also provide you with a wealth of additional features that will enhance your documents and save you time.

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