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Minute Taking for Beginners

This invaluable one day course is for anyone who is new to meeting preparation and minute taking. The course will help you to gain both the confidence and skills needed for both meeting preparation and to take effective and useful minutes at any meeting. The course content will include preparing for and arranging meetings; how to develop agendas, minuting meetings. The course will also prepare you fully for overcoming some of the common problems and apprehension associated with minute taking. You will cover several subjects during the day including drafting agendas developing ideas for note taking, effective listening skills, layouts and finally drafting minutes

Effective Communication Skills

The aim of this one day course is to provide anyone who wishes to enhance their interpersonal relationships as well as their effectiveness to present clear and positive messages in work situations. The art of communication is being understood and of understanding others. The course looks at all elements of communication from planning your communication and communication styles to how to ensure that a positive image is created. This course is designed to provide you with an assessment of your own communication styles and a better understanding of how to manage your style and the impact of your message

The Art of Public Speaking

This one day highly interactive and motivational course has been designed for Senior Managers, Directors and professionals who find they are presenting and speaking to any kind of audience. If you need to make an impact, get an important message across or need to influence people to take action then this course is deigned specifically for you. This course is about giving you the tools and confidence to delivering powerful talks using physiognomy to maximise the impact of your speaking. You will learn suitable breathing techniques, how to strike the right pitch, eliminating mumbling, rambling or stammering all of which are can sometimes present themselves when presenting

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